Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Other Stuff

Sometimes you start a project and somewhere along the line for some reason or another you loose interest and they never get finished. These are 3 of about many projects that I started a couple of months ago and made some progress and then stopped working on them for some reason I can't recall. I figured that maybe if I post these here it might inspire me to continue working on them. All these were started on Maya.

Have you ever seen "Bullit?" If you have then you'll recognize this Mustang.

This Street Alley was inspired by the famous old city architecture in Philadelphia. If you have ever visited Elfreth's Alley you know what I mean.

I have an affinity for modern design so I wanted to explore something that was functional and edgy. I decided on a modern condo because I though modeling modern items in a modern space would be fun.

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